DPF Doctor Network celebrates 100th Member

DPF Doctor Network celebrates 100th Member

Darren Darling, Founder of The DPF Doctor Network, has celebrated signing up the 100th DPF Doctor, A&J Fleetcare in Leeds.

Starting as an ambition four years ago to launch a network of mechanics, expert in all matters DPF, it engages its members through ongoing training, shared learning and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Darren explained: “I founded The DPF Doctor Network after seeing a gap in the market for a specialist network of technicians able to correctly diagnose the reason for DPF problems and, carry out successful repairs. Although similar networks exist, we are different. We are vehicle technicians. The network is focussed on doing the job properly; not on selling products. We hold regular training events to share knowledge and keep us up to speed with new technology and diagnostic techniques.

“During the pandemic Zoom has become our go-to training and communication tool. We’re growing the network which is why we encourage workshops to get in touch and find out if they have what it takes to become DPF Doctor accredited. The benefits are significant. A workshop can keep all DPF business in house which can really boost income and the number of happy customers. Our members offer an in-situ DPF cleaning and diagnostics’ service to the trade and public.  There has never been a better time to be a DPF Doctor. In the current pandemic cars have been left on drives for weeks on end and primarily used for short journeys. Unsurprisingly our members are reporting DPF repairs and DPF faults at an all-time high.”

Before appointing a new ‘Doctor’ a workshop must undergo a quality accreditation process. At present, there are said to be several hundred applications to join the network.

Darren said: “When considering a garage their shiny reception area is not what attracts me. What I am looking for is their mission to deliver fantastic customer service, their desire to learn and the commitment they’re willing to make to upholding our standards. Attitude and a great one at that is everything.”

Darren is also the brand ambassador for JLM Lubricants. Explaining the reason behind this partnership, Darren commented: “JLM Lubricants make superb quality DPF products – designed for the trade and tested by the trade before they’re launched. When combined with our diagnostics’ experience they enable us to offer a premium service to customers at a fair price. Our network of DPF specialists choose JLM products and the JLM professional toolkit for DPF cleaning because they work first time, are superbly engineered and proven to fix even the most challenging vehicles.”

Gilbert Groot, Founder and Managing Director of JLM Lubricants, concluded: “Darren’s technical knowledge is second to none and he’s a real perfectionist who strives to overcome any challenge in the workshop. We could not have a better ambassador for the JLM brand and the DPF Doctors could not have a better figurehead. I am not surprised in the least that his network is growing.”

For more information on The DPF Doctor Network, visit www.the-dpf-doctor.com/join.

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