Eurorepar encourages digital uptake

Eurorepar encourages digital uptake

Eurorepar Car Service has encouraged garages to bolster their online presence, as more people turn to the Internet to find a local garage.

Digital marketing and online lead generation have become increasingly important in the motor trade over recent years, but the COVID-19 crisis has proved a catalyst for an even faster pace of change.

While many garages already use a website as the first point of contact online, business owners must analyse their site’s effectiveness at bringing in new customers.

Radek Kowalski, Organic Search Director at Eurorepar Car Service’s website partner, McCann Connected, said: “Search Engine Optimisation is an essential element to consider when marketing your business online. It allows customers to find you more easily via your listing on Google.

“We find that the majority of customers – including those looking for a local garage – begin their research online. Customers search via a variety of service terms, such as MOT, car service and new brake pads. As customers are also looking for a local and convenient site, they’ll often combine their search term with the location to find the best match.”

Including key search terms and providing clear location information on the homepage can improve a website’s performance in Google search results. Furthermore, linking through and embedding Google services, such as a link to the site location on Google Maps or to a trailer for the business on YouTube, can help to improve a website’s visibility online.

Garages can also use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to reach customers directly. Built-in features allow garages to receive and reply to enquiries, as well as growing a following in their local community by sharing their own content.

Nick Taylor, Head of Network & Business Development for Eurorepar Car Service, added: “Digital marketing is a term that’s here to stay. Garages must invest in their online presence to give them the very best chance of winning new business. While a strong reputation, traditional marketing and word of mouth is still important, online platforms offer a new approach that could help take your customer base to the next level.

“Members of the Eurorepar Car Service network gain access to the support and guidance they need to implement an effective digital marketing, SEO and social media strategy for their business.”

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