DVSA reveals top postcodes for MOT demand

DVSA reveals top postcodes for MOT demand

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has revealed the postcodes where demand for MOTs will be highest this autumn.

All but one postcode across the UK will reportedly see demand for tests rise by over 50% in October and November, as motorists granted an MOT exemption try to book their test alongside millions whose MOT is normally due.

DVSA’s Beat the Rush campaign, created with the garage industry, has been designed to encourage motorists with an MOT exemption to get their test done this August when demand is generally lower, to ensure their vehicle is safe to drive and to beat the rush.

Chris Price, Head of MOT Policy at DVSA, said: “MOT exemptions made sure motorists could keep moving during coronavirus. Now exemptions have ended, millions of motorists will be making sure their vehicle is safe by getting an MOT done.

“Garages across the country will see demand start to peak during September, with almost double the number of MOTs due in October and November.

“If you have an MOT exemption until October or November, you can beat the rush – get your test done this summer.”

Despite the exemption, 2.7 million motorists reportedly had their MOT test done in June, including 442,724 retests. Latest figures show 3.1 million MOTs were completed nationally in July, including 549,489 retests.

In August so far, 20,000 more motorists a day have been getting their MOT done, than in the same period last year. But currently there are still almost 4 million MOTs due each month in October and November.

The peak will see garages facing unprecedented demand but the Independent Garage Association (IGA) says the challenge could present an opportunity.

Stuart James, Chief Executive Officer of the IGA, commented: “The IGA supports DVSA’s Beat the Rush MOT campaign.

“MOT slots will be more difficult to book in the next few months, so we recommend that garages communicate this to their customers and advise them to book their MOT at their earliest convenience.

“Independents will rise to the challenge to address the demand for MOTs and ensure vehicle safety. It will be an opportunity to increase their customer base for future years if they can satisfy wider customer demand at this challenging time.”

Postcodes where MOT demand will be highest in October and November:

  Postcode and postal town Forecast expiries in Oct and Nov 2020 Typical tests in Oct and Nov Extra MOT tests required Increase on a typical year
1 B (Birmingham) 232,900 146,147 86,753 59.36%
2 S (Sheffield) 164,001 105,081 58,920 56.07%
3 NG (Nottingham) 139,245 88,602 50,643 57.16%
4 LE (Leicester) 139,087 85,271 53,816 63.11%
5 PE (Peterborough) 136,944 84,185 52,759 62.67%
6 BS (Bristol) 136,328 86,603 49,725 57.42%
7 G (Glasgow) 126,968 75,454 51,514 68.27%
8 CF (Cardiff) 124,040 76,197 47,843 62.79%
9 NE (Newcastle upon Tyne) 122,430 76,541 45,889 59.95%
10 RG (Reading) 119,882 74,054 45,828 61.88%
11 M (Manchester) 112,970 70,075 42,895 61.21%
12 CV (Coventry) 111,145 68,627 42,518 61.96%
13 PO (Portsmouth) 110,647 71,323 39,324 55.14%
14 GU (Guildford) 105,299 66,637 38,662 58.02%
15 NR (Norwich) 103,388 66,265 37,123 56.02%
16 TN (Tunbridge Wells) 103,016 65,180 37,836 58.05%
17 DE (Derby) 101,918 63,743 38,175 59.89%
18 SA (Swansea) 100,275 61,360 38,915 63.42%
19 EH (Edinburgh) 97,115 58,207 38,908 66.84%
20 SO (Southampton) 96,727 61,943 34,784 56.15%

Motorists are reminded that they can sign up for free MOT reminders at GOV.UK and can also access the free MOT history check service.

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