Carvine reveals top car-inspired baby names

Carvine reveals top car-inspired baby names

Carvine has revealed the most popular car-inspired baby names in the UK, according to government published data.

Topping both the boy and girl charts was Morgan. Carvine’s findings show that since 2000, 15,181 boys and 9,332 girls have been given the name of this quintessentially British motoring giant.

Coming in a respectable second place was Austin for boys (8,398), inspired by the 1930s vintage cars, while Alba took second place for girls (1,556).  Rio took the third spot for boys (4,871) and Kia for the girls (1,470).

Hunter (4,286) and Lincoln (3,897) took the fourth and fifth spots for the boys, followed by Cooper in sixth place (3,065). The latter inspired by British motoring company that placed the MINI Cooper on the map.

Mercedes took fourth place for girls (1,237), followed by Clio (217), with Lexus (181) in sixth and tenth place going to Lotus (59).

Other popular names that didn’t make the top 10 spots in both categories included Aria, Catalina, Dakota, Eleanor, Nova and Star.

Alex Thomas, Marketing Executive for Carvine, commented: “Both top 10 car-inspired baby name lists prove the UK’s passion for motors. Whether it comes down to that nostalgic feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a car for the first time or the pure driving experience, you can understand why car enthusiasts would take their inspiration from one of their biggest passions!”

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