WIN! Cattano TiltWrench

WIN! Cattano TiltWrench

Successful competition entrants will be able to choose the handle finish and drive size of their TiltWrench.

The TiltWrench aims to deliver real help in a tight spot. In addition to functioning as a standard ratchet wrench, the TiltWrench handle swings by up to 30° which says to provide extra knuckle clearance and allows users to avoid obstacles and access hard-to-reach fasteners without changing tools.

The tilt function is the result of a ball gear mechanism in the head of the wrench. This drives the socket directly, without the need for any swivels or adaptors in the drive train. It delivers full power from the handle straight to the socket, with no loss of torque caused by the flexing of intermediate joints.

In addition, whereas adaptors and swivels are often associated with reduced torque capacity, the TiltWrench is fully torquetested to ASME B107.110. And, because the handle engages directly with the drive shaft, users comment that the TiltWrench has a more precise feel in operation than when using swivels or adaptors. This tool also comes with reversible action and socket quick-release as standard.

The TiltWrench is available in 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. drive sizes, with a choice of handle styles: plastic/rubber-coated, or wipe-clean chromeplated. It offers tight ratcheting, with just 4.9° between clicks (equivalent to 74 teeth).

How do you enter?

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    Deadline for entries is 10/03/2024.

    This competition is run in association with Cattano and open to trade only.
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